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Here's A "Got To Read!"

Posted by MusicGirl on November 21, 2014 at 5:15 PM

The air was thick and reeked of mold. I struggled for breath but no relief came. I tried to scream but I made no sound. Then a hand appeared, growing closer and closer by the second. Mustering up all the strength I had, I reached out and grasped the hand. It was rough and much bigger than mine, and it held on tight. Then a voice boomed through the blur, probably the voice of the person behind the hand. It said, “Don’t look deeper Mason, think deeper. What you are looking for is closer than you think,” and suddenly, I was being pulled up through the suffocating fog, and finally, I could breathe.

I jolted awake, head spinning, gasping for air. It was there. I could feel it. My lungs soaked it up, relishing in the comfort of cool, clean oxygen. The dizziness slowed as the air settled throughout my body, and I fell back on the bed, slowing my breaths. That felt way too real to be just a dream, I thought. I turned my head and tried to recreate the position I was in while sleeping. I found exactly what I expected, I could breathe fine.


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